Lake City Amenities

Spring-fed swimming holes

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 If you are ready for the country, North Florida and specifically the Lake City area could be just what you are looking for. Located in Columbia County, our two main urban areas, Lake City and Fort White, are each unique in their own way. Lake City is growing by leaps and bounds!   Besides the requisite country staple, a super-Walmart, Lake City has added a Lowes, Home Depot, Office Max, Harvey’s, a new Publix, a wide variety of specialty stores, including Starbucks, PetsMart, Big Lots and TJ Maxx and the soon to be opened, Hobby Lobby, Ross Dress for Less, Aldi’s and Dick’s Sporting Goods. A main stopping point for Florida travelers, Lake City offers both chain restaurants as well as locally owned restaurants featuring local cuisine. Although it is well on its way to a city of substance, Lake City still offers that small county town charm and hospitality. When people wave at you, its a sign of welcome, glad to see you neighbor!

Ft. White, on the other hand is a typical small town. With a post office, drug store, a few convenience, antique and country craft stores, Fort White is just beginning to grow.

And in between, you will find a wide choice of terrain from open pasture to beautiful hardwood and pine forests. Lakes, ponds and creeks, natural springs, rivers, rolling hills and flat plains offer something for every taste.