Susan and Mike Sloan

“Lake City is the place for me… living is the life I lead… spreading out so far and wide.  Leave that big city and give me the countryside!”  Green Acres got it right.  There is nothing so relaxing as taking a morning tour of your vegetable garden, checking out what your fruit trees have been up to over night and saying good morning to the animals who share your home.  Being a “big city girl” from Pittsburgh, PA and then Fort Lauderdale, FL, the sceptics said I wouldn’t last six months here in small town Lake City.  14 years later, Mike and I are still here and we truly have found “The Good Life". 

As one of Lake City’s foremost foreclosure specialists, we can help you with buying REO properties.  And if you are selling, you will want a Realtor who will help buyers find their “Good Life” in your home!